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How to make labels in Word is a step-by-step tutorial that allows you to make labels in Word and have some of the text APPEAR  to be upside down! If you have any suggestions, tips, comments, or questions after using the tutorial, don't hesitate to send me an email at In addition to the online version, the tutorial is also available in a .DOC version and in a .PDF version

The Box

The Box Template is a simple Word document with attached graphics for a two-part "matchbox" styled sliding cover box. When decorated, this box makes a wonderful, elegant, and recyclable "treasure box!" It is actually very simple to construct but I need to improve the instructions and the template so it is easier to "cut and paste."

The Cube Box Template PDF! This 2" cube is the perfect pattern to use for those wonderful bath bombs!
Thank you "twiggyann" for your generous donation of this template for all to use.