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Soapsheet - 3rd Edition

Version 3.xlt


MAC users: Hold down option key then click link to download. OR, control-click the link, and select Download link to disk.

When I first began researching how to make soap, I found an awesome site with tons of information to help me learn this newfound passion, including a FREE spreadsheet that I found very easy to understand after reading the notes on the website and the spreadsheet. I still have a great deal of fondness for this totally free spreadsheet and have added more features. And it is STILL completely FREE!

The website where I began my journey is and the spreadsheet is Chris Mathes' original Excel spreadsheet simply called soapsheet (version 1). There was a second version of soapsheet (version 2) I received from another soapmaker by the name of Glenn Murray. Version 1 highlights and version 2 highlights are included below the New Features section.

Click on either the template sheet or the zipped version to download.
Tip from Kathy Miller: For MAC users, hold down the option key, then click on the link to download.

This tip is quoted verbatim from Kathy Miller's website.

Date: 11/04 1:07 PM
From: Scott Rothstein

Hi. Just wanted to mention that there shouldn't be a problem downloading the Excel file for the Mac. Just control-click on the link, and there will be a popup window with the option to Download link to disk. This should transfer the file without any problem. It will likely not have the type/creator codes associated with it, so the file will need to be dropped onto the Excel application icon.

I have a Mac running OS 9, and it worked seamlessly for me.

Contextual menus were introduced with OS 8. With MS Internet Explorer, clicking and holding the button down should also pop up the menu, and, I think, will work on pre-8 systems (i.e., not needing the control key). This trick will work anytime a file doesn't download properly--that is, when you get the screenful of gibberish.

Updated 3/26/2005 - The AutoScaled worksheet now accurately adjusts oils when the DWCP % is used.

New Features (version 3) -

(Edited from an email I sent to Kathy Miller before posting soapsheet version 3.xlt on my website.)

Here's a screenshot to give you an idea of the additions:

(The information below is quoted nearly intact from Kathy Miller's website ( as I don't think I could make it any clearer. I simply consolidated the important points. )

Features (version 2) (By Glenn Murray)

May 2002 - Glenn Murray added a liquid measures feature to the Chris Mathes Spreadsheet (see below.)

Features (version 1) (By Chris Mathes)

1) It does INS calculations. They are from Dr. Bob McDaniel's book, and it basically tells you whether you have a good balance of hard and soft oils in your recipe. The other features of the spreadsheet are listed below...

2) SAP Values - A sheet that contains a list of fats/oils and their SAP values for both NaOH and KOH. It may be edited to add oils not listed, or tweak SAP values.

3) Recipe Worksheet - The main sheet for editing recipes, a user picks oils from a drop down list box (the oils listed are the ones from the SAP Values sheet) and enters oil quantities in ounces. From that the amounts of lye and water are automatically calculated, the percentage of each oil out of the total oils is given, and a final yield of soap estimated. A lye discount may also be specified, automatically adjusting the total amount of lye calculated for the recipe. In addition, a list of super-fatting oils and their quantities may be specified, causing the calculation of a total effective lye discount over and above the user specified discount.

4) Scaled Version - A sheet to scale the recipe on the 'Recipe Worksheet' to different batch sizes. Everything that's listed on the Recipe Worksheet is listed on this sheet, plus a scaling factor. Nothing is editable but the factor, the changing of which recalculates the entire page for a new size batch.

5) The ability to select NaOH or KOH for bar or liquid soap recipes (lye and water calculations change to match the selected alkali).

6) Extra fields and buttons on the scaled version sheet of the workbook that allow the user to enter a weight or number of bars and have Excel automatically set the scale factor to the required value.