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How to make labels in Word: Finishing Up

Labels Menu

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SGS - Labels Menu

After you've made all your labels (this page has five), the lines on the table need to be made invisible or you will have all the lines appear on your finished label!

Here's how!

Float your mouse cursor over the lower right hand corner of the table. A little square will appear. The mouse cursor should also now be a double arrow. Click with your left mouse button and the entire page will be highlighted!

(Or simply use CTRL-A (shortcut to 'select all'))Highlight entire table.

Select Borders and Shading.Select Borders and Shading.

Select the setting "None". This will turn off all borders and settings. (Or IF you WANT a "box" around selected CELLS, this is the method you would use!)Select NONE to remove visible borders from labels.

Finish up by clicking "OK" until you are back to the basic screen! (This screen shot is in Word's print preview mode.

Pretty, eh?Print preview of complete sheet of labels.

Et voilą! You should have a complete page of labels saved and ready to print!

Print preview of complete sheet of labels.

Here's one with the picture and text turned in the "front".Complete sheet of labels. Click for larger image.

I hope this tutorial was helpful in your endeavours

to create a useful & easily modified set of labels!

Please write if you have any suggestions, or additions.

He he he, would you prefer a box design instead?

Have a question? Email!