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How to make labels in Word: Adding background Colors & Inserting Pictures

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For this group of tutorial shots, I'm using my current cigar-band-styled label. It is on a horizontal table with the page in 'portrait'. I use only three columns and the Xyron Model 150 to stick this label onto my baby-blanket-wrapped bars.

Here's where things get just a little weird. Take it one step at a time and you should be okay.

If you'll notice, the cursor is at the paragraph marker rather than inside the table. This is where you want it for the next step! Also, you see the 'Insert Picture' icon is highlighted (cursor is hiding.) Click it.Cursor is outside the table.

Insert your picture. Use whatever method you normally do.

All picture formats, EXCEPT BMP, will work. I prefer using a GIF format.

Once inserted, click on the picture. The Picture toolbar will appear. Before doing anything else, shrink picture by placing cursor over any of the corners, click and drag the box smaller. Using the corners maintains the ratio. Now click on the Rotate icon and rotate the picture once. No need to go further at this point.Picture imported into document.

Now that you've rotated it, the picture has steering!Image rotated in preparation for insertion into table.

Okay, fun's over. Time for the next step.....Implanting the picture within the picture!

To manipulate the picture, you must 'unleash' the anchor. The little dog is 'Text Wrapping.' Click on it and select 'In Front of Text.' This unleashes the anchor from text placement.Unanchoring image for ease of placement. With it unleashed, it was very easy to move it within my other picture.

But what about the text??? You of the soap, weight, ...that stuff!

After inserting the two pics, this will be easy!Image now in place.

To make a text entry in your picture, click the text box in the Draw toolbar. Drawing canvas
 inserted in preparation for adding text boxes. (lower left corner of screen shot)

Then draw your inner box just like you did here.

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