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How to make labels in Word: Table Setup

Labels Menu

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SGS - Labels Menu

When you begin to make your label, you need to do page setup to adjust your page to landscape and set your margins. "File/Page Setup..." File/Page Setup...

I push the margins beyond what MY printer is able to handle. You need to know your printer's limitations before taking such a drastic measure. If you choose to click "ignore," you have the potential to lose one or more labels to truncated printing. "File/Page Setup.../Margins" File/Page Setup.../Margins Tab

The TABLE icon allows you to select the number of horizontal (COLUMNS) and vertical (ROWS) cells by putting your cursor in the top left box, click & HOLD your left mouse button and drag your mouse out until you have all the rows and columns you want. Select Table Icon then select rows and columns

An optional way to set up your table is by using the Table menu: "Table/Insert/Table..."  Use menu to set up table

.....and input the number of cells you want. This is also the time to set your "AutoFit behavior". Make sure "Fixed column width" is set to "Auto." Fixed column width and Auto

I could optionally choose 4 ROWS and work with the page in Portrait orientation. But with the table in ROWS, you won't be able to "flip" the text upside down. You'll see further along how I "flip" the text. I prefer using a single row. You will make the rest of your labels in Multiple Labels. One row five columns

When you've selected your columns & rows (mine is 5 columns by 1 row) you should see this: Click to enlarge(Click to enlarge)

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