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This page is dedicated to acronyms and shorthand for online forums, et al!

If you don't find what you're looking for, email me at soulgazersundries and I will see what I can find out.

Soaping acronyms/Terms:

CP = Cold Process

CPHP = Crock Pot Hot Process

CPOP = Cold Process/Pour Oven Process

DBHP = double boiler hot process

DHHP = direct heat hot process
(Definitely not recommended for beginners!)

DWCP = Discounted water cold process

HP = Hot Process

ITMHP = in the mold hot process

M&P/MP = Melt & Pour

MWHP = microwave hot process

OHP = Oven Hot Process

WSHP = wood stove hot process


CB = cocoa butter

EO = essential oil

EPO = evening primrose oil

FO = fragrance oil

GM = goatsmilk

GSE = grapefruit seed extract

PKO = palm kernel oil

ROE = Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract

SL = Sodium Lactate


DOS = Dreaded orange spots - They are caused by the oxidation of unsaponified fatty acids in the soap. Once it begins, a chain reaction occurs which affects the entire bar/batch. Also, only certain oils are involved each time DOS appears. There are still heated discussions as to exactly what triggers the appearance of DOS. DOS is not harmful but is unappealing to look at or smell.

ISO = In search of

NMF = Natural Moisturizing Factors

General shorthand:

addy = address

AFAIC = as far as I'm concerned

AFAIK = as far as I know

ASAP = as soon as possible

AYPI? = and your point is?

BEG = big evil grin

BFN = bye for now

BG = big grin

BIL = Brother in law

BRB = be right back

BF = boyfriend

BOB = back off b*tch

BTDT = been there done that

BTW = by the way

C&G = chuckle and grin

CDIWY = couldn't do it without you

CID = crying in disgrace

CNP = continue in next post

CSG = chuckle snicker grin

CYA = see ya

CYAL8R = see ya later

CUL8R = see you later

DH = Darling /dumb hubby /D*ck Head

DS = Darling son

DD = darling daughter

DLTBBB = don't let the bad bugs bite

DSF = Dear Sweet Friend

DH = dear husband

DS = dear son

DD = dear daughter

MIL = mother in law

EG = evil grin

EMSG = email message

FAQ = frequently asked questions

FIL = Father in law

FUBAR = f***ed up beyond all recognition (or fouled up beyond all repair)

FWIW = for what it's worth

FYI = for your information

g = grin

G&B= it grin & bear it

GD = granddaughter

GF = girl friend

GFN = gone for now

GG = gotta go

G2G = got to go

GGU2 = good game you two

GM = grandmother

GMBO = giggling my butt off

GMTA = great minds think alike

GP/GF = grandpa/grandfather

GRAS = Generally regarded as safe

GS = grandson

GTSY = glad to see you

H&K = hug and kiss

HAGN = have a good night

HAGS = have a good summer

HAG1 = have a good one

HHIS = hanging head in shame

HTH = hope that helps

IC = I see

IIRC = if I recall/remember correctly

IYKWIM = if you know what I mean

IGP = I gotta pee

ILYFAE = I love you forever and ever

ILU4E&E = I love you forever and ever

IMO = in my opinion

IMHO = in my humble opinion

IRC = internet relay chat

IRL = in real life

IWALY = I will always love you

JK = just kidding

J/K = Just Kidding

JMO = just my opinion

JMHO = just my humble opinion

JTLYK = just to let you know

KIT = keep in touch

KMA = kiss my ass

KMB = kiss my butt

KOTC = kiss on the cheek

KOTL = kiss on the lips

L8R = later

L8R G8R = later gator

LHM = Lord help me

LHU = Lord help us

LMAO = laughing my ass off

LMAOPMP = laughing my ass off, peeing my pants

LMBO laughing my butt off

LMHO laughing my head off

LOL = laughing out loud

LOML = light of my life (or love of my life)

LOMLILY = light of my life, I love you

LSHMBB = laughing so hard my belly is bouncing

LSHMBH = laughing so hard my belly hurts

LTNS = long time no see

LTS = laughing to self

LUWAMH = love you with all my heart

LY = love ya

LYLAB = love ya like a brother

LYLAS = love ya like a sister

MIL = mother in law

NAK = nursing at keyboard

NETUA = nobody ever tells us anything

NMA = not my auction

NOYB = none of your business

NOYFB = none of your f***ing business

NP = no problem

NTA = non-technical acronym

OBTW = oh, by the way

OIC = oh, I see

OF = on fire

OK = abbreviation of oll korrect (all correct)

OL = old lady (wife, girlfriend)

OM = old man (husband, boyfriend)

OMH = Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey

OTOH = on the other hand

OTTOMH = off the top of my head

PDS = please don't shoot

PITA = pain in the ass

pimplol = peed in my pants laughing out loud

PM private message

PMJI = pardon my jumping in (Another way for PMFJI)

PMFJI = pardon me for jumping in

PMP = peed my pants

POAHF = put on a happy face

RDWHAB = relax, don't worry, have a brew

ROFL = rolling on floor laughing

ROFLAPMP = rolling on floor laughing and peed my pants

ROFLMAO = rolling on floor laughing my ass off

ROFLOLAY = rolling on floor laughing out loud at you

ROFLOLTSDMC = rolling on floor laughing out loud tears streaming down my cheeks

ROFLOLWTIME = rolling on floor laughing out loud with tears in my eyes

ROFLOLUTS = rolling on floor laughing out loud unable to speak

ROTFL = rolling on the floor laughing

RTF = read the FAQ

RTFM = read the f***ing manual

RTOP = Room Temp Oven Process

RTSM = read the stupid manual

SETE = smiling ear to ear

SHICPMP = so happy I could pee my pants

SHID = slaps head in disgust

SIL = sister in law, son in law

SNAFU = situation normal, all F***ed up

SO = significant other

SOHF = sense of humor failure

SPAM = stupid persons' advertisement

SSDD = same sh*t different day

STBY = sucks to be you

SWAK = sealed with a kiss

SWL = screaming with laughter

SYS = see you soon

TA = thanks again

TEOTWAWKI = The end of the world as we know it!

TIA = thanks in advance

TTFN = ta ta for now

TIIC = the idiots in charge

TMI = too much information

TANSTAAFL = there ain't no such thing as a free lunch

TOY = thinking of you

TPTB = the powers that be

TSDMC = tears streaming down my cheeks

TTFN = ta ta for now

TTYL = talk to you later

TWMA = till we meet again TX thanx

URAQT! = you are a cutie!

VBG = very big grin

VBS = very big smile

WB = welcome back

WRT = with respect to

WTF = what/who the F***?

WTH = what/who the heck?

WTMI = way to much information

WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get

YBS = you'll be sorry

YG = young gentleman

YL = young lady

YM = young man

YMMD = you've made my day

YMMV = your mileage may vary

YWIA = you're welcome in advance

*G* giggle or grin

*H* hug

*K* kiss

*S* smile

*T* tickle

*W* wink