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About Soul Gazer Sundries

Soul Gazer Sundries has been a concept that has existed since 1995. The concept became a reality on May 1st, 2003.

About the logo: In ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus was considered to be a powerful protective symbol. It was used to express wisdom, good health, prosperity, unity and wholeness. Even today it is still worn by some as it is believed to protect one from evil.

Sundries: Microsoft's® Thesaurus provides the following synonyms...miscellany, hodgepodge, assortment, odds and ends, variety, mixture. You get the idea. Sundries is all these and more.

About Soap: It's truly amazing to see the growing trend toward the art of making toiletries at home - especially soap! Soap has been used for as long as history has been recorded. Where it was originally discovered is not known but a site that was thought to be a soapmaking factory was found buried in Pompeii.